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Ian Pollard's latest book Investing in Your Life: Your Biggest Investment Opportunities are Not Financial breaks significant new ground through its compelling analogy between the building of human and social capital and the accumulation of financial capital. It shows the same drivers at work ‐ compound interest, annuities, leverage, options, opportunity cost, returns for risk and many more.

This multi-faceted analogy demonstrates that the sky is the limit in human and social capital and makes it easier for you to spot huge upside in your own. This will inspire you to invest your valuable time and energy more wisely and to avoid the systemic underinvestment which typically results from the poor measurability of most human and social dimensions.

Your ultimate prize from Investing in Your Life is greater opportunity and greater meaning. Your life is your responsibility and in this book you will discover tools for identifying and generating those big opportunities which can transform it. Fundamental to this is your capacity to engage with others, mutually leveraging off each others' Life Capital ‐ human, social and financial.

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Over three decades Ian Pollard has been chairman, a director or chief executive of about thirty companies. DCA Group, which he founded in 1984, grew to become one of Australia’s 100 largest listed companies. He is currently Chairman of Corporate Express Australia and RGA Reinsurance Australia, a director of Milton Corporation, the Purves Environmental Fund and the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists.

Ian is an experienced executive coach with Global Coaching Partnership, and has also had wide-ranging involvements in the not-for-profit sector. He is an actuary and Rhodes Scholar and Ian’s abiding interest in all these activities is the development of people’s capabilities and relationships, their identification of opportunities and the magnitude of what some people achieve and contribute in their lives.

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